About Us - Our Journey

PCAPL is the result of the vision of an intrepid entrepreneur, Late Shri. Dhirajlal K. Doshi. He embarked Premier Clearing Agency in the former 1980s and the fledgling company has taken wing and evolved to become one of the leading companies in the custom clearance.

His Son, the present chairman and Managing Director Mr. Manoj D. Doshi joined the business in 1984 after passing the requisite examinations (Rule 8) of Indian Customs and the CHA Licence no. 11/665 was secured in the name of Premier Clearing Agency. The firm was re-constituted into proprietorship concern in 1993 on the demise of Shri. Dhirajlal K. Doshi and was further reconstituted into private limited company in 2003. Today with 30 years of experience in this field, Mr. Manoj D. Doshi has evolved stewardship in defining the business motto “We deliver quality, which you trust “.